This museum exhibition centers around the comparison between the workings of religion and the adoration of modern day celebrities. The overlap and references between these two seemingly unrelated topics is the focus of the 20 paintings currently on show in Museum Krona, Uden, The Netherlands. 

It seems humans have a very basic instinct to seek something higher than themselves. Whether it is in the form of a saint, or in the form of a celebrity, the same basic need is at the center of this behavior.

The series of colorful paintings combine rough brushwork with minute details, to tell the story of their subject. The story starts with global pop-icons like Beyonce and Kanye West, but also looks at newer generation of celebrities, like Youtuber Pewdiepie. The contrast between these two generations is most noticeable in the way they present themselves and how they interact with their audience. Youtube superstars have built their careers on constant interaction with their crowd, showing an image of a very human idol. Although they do reach a level of superhuman influence, they’re still just a regular person.

For more information (in Dutch) about this exhibition, check out Museum Krona’s website:
#Blessed in Museum Krona