Acrylic, markers and collage on canvas, 60x80cm, 2017.


Surface is a piece about the superficial notions of a lot of things, people and thoughts in this life. It’s decoration, void of meaning. Some people fill their lives with these things instead of looking for value and meaning.

Abstract Portraits

This painting is part of the Abstract Portraits series.
A series of work reflecting the over-stimulated man of the current times. There’s a million messages fired your way every day, things you should want, places you need to go, people you should envy, it never stops. It’s no wonder today’s youth get stuck in burn-outs because they just can’t seem to achieve the made up perfection in their heads.

It makes for a deformed humanity, a parody of what is human. This is the feeling I portray in this series, in shape resembling portraits, but completely twisted by all these little bits of information into a new image. A busy and chaotic visual, with a layer of empty black beneath.