60x80CM - 2019. Acrylic, markers, pastels and spray-paint on cotton.


The queen of social media, Kylie Jenner. Born in great prosperity, a life filled with opportunity and without limitations. The throne of her choice? Instagram.
With every carefully constructed post in search of more and more hearts. Until suddenly the egg came along.

As an opposing message to the facade of Kylie Jenner, a plan was hatched to get more likes on a simple photograph of an egg than Kylie ever managed to acquire.

In contrast to the fake of Kylie, they place the symbol of vulnerability. A symbol of what is real, fragility, as an answer to the artificiality that reigned. Truth opposing lies.

The egg succeeded in its mission and showed that in spite of the immense popularity of apparent perfection, there are still plenty of people wondering: what is real?


This painting is part of the Apostles series.
This series of paintings titled ‘Apostles’ combines history with contemporary portraits. Religious works from art history are used as a starting point to inform the rest of the painting. Through color, shape and subject they are brought into current day.

It shows a reflection of some of the driving forced behind society, and how that relates to our past.
The body of work asks the question:

How human are today’s gods?