Painting of Gospel of Mark
60x80CM - 2019. Acryl, markers, pastels and spray-paint on cotton.


Social Media is an integral part of our existence. For a growing number of people everything their Facebook feeds them is Gods honest truth. A tailor-made gospel at your fingertips.

The Mark that provides the world with this gospel is of course Zuckerberg, the man behind the scenes of Facebook, pulling all the strings in the shadows.
It is therefore not Mark that is portrayed in this painting, but Christ, influenced and shaped by the infinite stream of information he consumes through social media. The effect of the information-apocalypse made visible in man.

His source of news and information comes in the form of an endless stream of messages, all speaking a truth he already embraced. What effect does this have on the beliefs a person?


This painting is part of the Apostles series.
This series of paintings titled ‘Apostles’ combines history with contemporary portraits. Religious works from art history are used as a starting point to inform the rest of the painting. Through color, shape and subject they are brought into current day.

It shows a reflection of some of the driving forced behind society, and how that relates to our past.
The body of work asks the question:

How human are today’s gods?