Digital Lives Original Painting
Acrylics, pastels and digital mixed media on cotton. 140 x 80 CM, 2020.


Digital Lives (2020) talks about mobile phones in our daily lives.

How your worldview can be warped by the information you consume, and how much of it you consume. We are on our phones all day, every day. We are in touch with everything. Or are we in touch with very specific things filtered through our little device? How do those specific things alter the way you think?

Land of the Blind

This painting is part of the series of paintings which I’ve come to call ‘Land of the Blind’
This loose series of paintings explores various themes which all surround the human condition. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, which encompasses the broad message the narrative of these works tells. Self-reflection, state of mind, effects of technology and our separation from nature all feature in these stories.