3x 100x150CM. Acrylic, markers, pastels and spraypaint on cotton.

This triptych features Beyonce, also known as Queen B, portrayed as the Virgin. Accompanied by Mathew Knowles (her father) and JayZ, as God and Jesus. The scene shows the coronation of the queen of Heaven.

It was Beyonce’s father who adamantly put her on the path of entertainment. His child was predestined for greatness. Destiny’s Child, her first worldwide succes came as no surprise. The spotlight was found.

As a solo-artist, Queen B has ascended the throne and crowned herself along with her husband JayZ as the royalty of showbusiness. The Queen of Pop has arrived. By making clever use of each others fame they elevated themselves to an iconic status.

The Halo-effect in full swing. It is the phenomenon in which the presence of a certain perceived quality effects all other perceived qualities of that person.
Seeing what you want to see, or absolute truth?



This painting is part of the Apostles series.
This series of paintings titled ‘Apostles’ combines history with contemporary portraits. Religious works from art history are used as a starting point to inform the rest of the painting. Through color, shape and subject they are brought into current day.

It shows a reflection of some of the driving forced behind society, and how that relates to our past.
The body of work asks the question:

How human are today’s gods?