About me

Mathijs Vissers

Freelance illustrator
& digital artist.

What drives me is creating beautiful things.
Whether it’s client-related work or personal projects, creating stunning visuals is the name of the game.

I strongly believe there’s always a next level, room to grow, to evolve. In my work I am always in search of growth, new wisdom, styles, or techniques. Experimentation is a crucial part of my work.


I am Mathijs.
Born on the 19th of April 1989 in The Netherlands.
Movie-geek, art-lover, have an unending curiosity, am a bit stubborn and also a cat-person.
Lover of all things beautiful.  I enjoy craftsmanship, seeing people excel in what they do, see them create wonders. This is why I deeply love art in all sorts of forms. There’s nothing better than seeing a thing someone has poured their soul into.  Seeing people envision something you could never have conjured up in your mind is an incredible feeling and this is what inspires me most.


There’s a duality in my work, simply because there is a duality in my mind. I enjoy structure, control, reason and understanding, but I also need to be able to completely let go and experiment into new territory.  From method to madness and back.  This is what works for me, and how most of my art and illustrations are born.

Talk to me

I’m an easy-going guy, so if you want to talk to me, feel free to shoot a message through my contact-form and I’ll get back to you. Whether you have a business inquiry, or you just want to chat about things, talk to me.

Illustration & Design

Communicating the right message is key. Illustration is a versatile way to create exactly the right custom image to represent or accompany your message in the most unique or eye-catching way. Versatility is the keyword here, as you can use illustrations for something as tiny as an app-icon, to something as huge as a festival stage decor.

Art, Digital & Analog

I always look for a balance between working very clearly defined client-projects and more boundless art-related projects. There’s an undying need in me to create, which results in the art I make. Sometimes the art and client projects overlap, when there’s room and need to experiment.

My art is available in all sorts of shapes and forms. Think wall-art, t-shirts, stickers, laptop-sleeves, what ever you’re looking for: my shop would be the right place to look.

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